Fabulous Beverly Hills Monday, January 25, 2016


Paris is my favorite city in the world. As a student living in Paris I learned that you were either a Right Bank person or a Left Bank person. I am a Right Bank person as the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, Luxembourg Garden and the Champs-Elysees are my favorite spots in the City of Lights. Los Angeles is also similar with people identifying with either the West Side or the East Side. If you've been reading my blog you already know that I prefer the West Side for all of the same reasons that I prefer the Right Bank in Paris. Rodeo Drive is essentially, the Champs-Elysees of Paris and although, some might call it pretentious or stuffy, I call it fabulous. This past weekend my friends, Michaela (Fab Friend Michaela) and Cari drove up from Newport Beach as we celebrated Michaela's birthday in style at the Montage in Beverly Hills (the BH).

Michaela comes to LA often and much like me, she too adores Beverly Hills. The Montage Beverly Hills is her favorite hotel in Los Angeles and a few times a year when Michaela is in need of some fabulousity she packs her Louis Vuitton luggage and drives up for the weekend. We all love celebrating each other and fortunately, it's always someone's birthday. This past weekend we celebrated Michaela's birthday.

Michaela got into town early and started her fab day by getting her hair done at Sally Hershberger Salon, in West Hollywood with our fabulous hair dresser friend, Jade. After her fab haircut she picked me up and we immediately headed to the hotel. After checking in, we made our way over to Bar Bouchon (located across from the Montage). We ordered a few Old Fashioned cocktails and a fab cheese plate. Michaela loves treating herself and well, so do I . Hehehe. We caught up and after two drinks and a little food we decided to go up to our room. As we walked through the lobby on route to the elevator, we spotted who else, but 'The Biebs'. Michaela loves a good celebrity sighting when she comes to LA and at the moment it really doesn't get any better than Justin Bieber. I follow Justin on Instagram and had heard he was temporarily staying at the Montage. Turns out, he is. He smiled, as he walked by us and said hello to Michaela. Maybe, the Kourtney Kardashian rumors are true and the Biebs has a thing for older women?!? Unfortunately, this was our only Bieber encounter all weekend, so the verdict is still out. Sorry Michaela. Up in the room we opened some Champagne and sat in the bacony of our hotel room waiting for our friends Cari and Rhonda to arrive. We love celebrating, so it wasn't long before we were opening up our second bottle of Champagne. Cheers to us! Cari soon arrived and Rhonda wasn't far behind. We continued catching up while we waited for Michaela's friend and co-worker Nick to arrive with his boyfriend. Before we knew it, Nick and his boyfriend had arrived (with gorgeous flowers from florist to the stars, Eric Buterbaugh) as had a fourth bottle of Cake Bread Wine we had ordered. Got to love Room Service. More celebrating!! Cheers to Fab People!!!

We had made a dinner reservation at Spago, however before we knew it, we had missed our reservation. Whoops. Time flies when you're hanging with fab people. No worries. The Montage is a Five Star Hotel, so no real need to leave the premises. The Montage Piano Bar it is. The Piano Bar gets fairly busy on the weekends and the crowd is A+ so we were in great company. Jerome is their house singer and before long he had Michaela up in the center of the bar, as the entire restaurant sang her, "Happy Birthday". Epic. It was pretty awesome and although, we never left the hotel it was a fabulous night, nonetheless. Fabliving for sure!!!

In the morning, we made our way to the Roof Top Restaurant for a little coffee and breakfast by the pool. No trip to Beverly Hills is complete without a little shopping around Rodeo Drive and a walk through Barney's. After shopping for a few hours we went to the Beverly Wilshire for mimosas and a light snack. We eventually made our way back to the hotel and said goodbye to Cari who had to get home. The Montage is fabulous and before checking out, Michaela and I decided to hit up the Spa for a little jacuzzi, steam and sauna action. After the 'Executive Workout' we went across the street for a little dinner at SugarFish. Delicious. It was a perfect day and a perfect way to end the weekend. Happy Birthday Michaela. Thank you for being born and for allowing us to help you celebrate your fab birthday. Come back soon. BH, the Montage, the Biebs and of course I, miss you already. Cheers to #fabliving!!!