Fab Criuse Monday, November 09, 2015 2 Comments


Travel has always been a big part of my life and something my parents instilled in me from an early age. My parents are the hardest working people I know and their hard work has afforded us the privilege of traveling the world. Trips are difficult to plan due to everyone's busy schedule, however getting together as a family is important to us and a cruise makes the planning process fairly easy. Cruises are not for everyone, however when traveling with a large group or when you want to visit a large number of places in a limited amount of time it really is the way to go. You check in, unpack and  immediately relax. The cruise ship takes you to many destinations depending on whatever allotted time you've chosen. It really is quite genius. Instead of having to board many different planes, trains and automobiles, you're on ship with the sea as your backdrop as you make your way from one destination to the next. Traveling with family or a large group can be stressful, however on a cruise ship everyone can do their own thing throughout the day as you know you will all meet for a proper sit down dinner each night. This allows you to spend as much (or as little time) with the group without feeling guilty or stressed. Clearly, the Martinez's love a good cruise.

Family time is important. We are all busy and we only get busier, however once a year we all make an effort to get together for a family cruise. In past years we've done a week or 2 weeks in the Caribbean or Europe, however with two young kids in the family traveling far is difficult, therefore we decided on a four day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico.

We boarded our Carnival Cruise Ship on Friday, November 6th and soon we were at sea, on route to Ensenada, Mexico. I adore my family and having us all together for a few days is a fun tradition I hope we always follow. We are so fortunate to have one another and being able to disconnect from our daily lives and responsibilities to enjoy this time with one another is truly a blessing.

As always, it was an awesome trip. We had eat amazing food, drank great wine and shared many stories and laughs. I am so thankful for my family and I'm already looking forward to the next family vacation. Cheers to more fabliving with my fab family.:-)