Fab Year in Review Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve Fab Friends!!!

What a year!! As I sit back and reflect on 2015  I wanted to take a moment to identify my top 10 highlights of the past year. I keep seeing all over instagram people posting these collages which showcase top posts from the previous year and decided I too would use the 2015 Best Nine website(http://2015bestnine.com/) to see if my top posts from the previous year correlated with my top moments. Within seconds my personal collage was generated and without having to scroll through my entire IG feed I can know quickly reflect on 2015. Pretty cool!!!

Here are my 10 moments of the year;
  1. Ryland (my gorgeous nephew) is born
  2. Tulum, Mexico for Rhonda's 40th
  3. Official launched my website
  4. Alexia (my gorgeous niece) Turns 2
  5. Same sex marriage is legalized in the U.S.
  6. Big Bear for the 4th of July
  7. Scottsdale + Peyson for Adrienne's 40th
  8. Los Olivios for LeAnna's 40th
  9. Mexican cruise with the family
  10. Holidays spent with fab family & friends

It was the year of the 40th birthday celebration and although I only listed the ones that lasted several days it's important to mention that helping Wendi and Melissa celebrate their 40th in SoCal were two additionally great moments of the past year. Aside from Ryland's birth in 2015 we also welcomed a new fab baby into our lives, Roy Carol was born to fab friends, Wendi and Manual. As a Cuban American, I was very proud that after 54 years the U.S. Flag was once again flying over the newly opened U.S. Embassy in Cuba. Lastly, I'm incredibly proud and extremely satisfied with all of the work I accomplished this past year. Having the opportunity to work and collaborate with so many individuals I respect and admire has truly made the experience of starting my own business beyond amazing.

Tonight as we close out and say good bye to 2015, I am beyond thankful and appreciative for all of the opportunities, experiences and memories from the past year. It was one hell of a year. I'm truly inspired and excited to start a new year!!!!

Happy New Year's Fab Friends and Cheers to a Fab 2016!!!!:-)