Fabulous Disneyland Thursday, January 07, 2016



Disneyland is about 15 minutes away from my parents house. As kids growing up in Orange County, California we always had a year pass to this magical kingdom. We felt incredibly spoiled (we are, hehehe), however I now realize that my mom was genius in getting us these passes as we spent most days after school at Disneyland. My mom would pick us up every day from school, take us home to have lunch and then she would drop us off at Disney for a few hours. Disneyland was pretty much our baby sitter growing up and we always had a blast. Disney was never very busy during 3-6pm and my sister and I felt like we owned the place going on as many rides as possible before my mom picked us up. It truly is a magical place and was a big part of our upbringing.



For Christmas this past year my fab sister, Mairim got me a Year Pass to Disneyland and today we went to redeem our passes. It was Alexia's second time at Disney and Ryland's first. They could not have been happier or more mesmerized by everything they were seeing. They both had smiles from ear to ear and I am excited they will soon start creating their own memories at this magical place. Can't wait to make this a regular activity and get re-acquainted with the park. Seeing my niece and nephew meet their hero's, Mickey and Minnie was truly a priceless moment. It was such a fab day. Can't wait to go back and am stoked to share this experience with Alexia and Ryland. Much like my sister and I, it is only a matter of time before these two also feel like they own the place. Fab adventures for all...