#pineapplesaresohotrightnow Saturday, April 25, 2015

Today we shot our first ever Fabulous People photo shoot. I could not be more pleased with how the day turned out and can not wait to share these images with all of you, my #fabfriends.

It was a stressful day, however seeing the product come to life with actual Live models (@jessstalker and @thatfamiliarface), in a professional studio (@concretestudiosLA) with an experienced photographer (@snaplord) was beyond exciting.  We are now that much closer to launching the Fabulous People website and after many months of hard work and sleepless nights I could not be more excited for my family, friends and hopefully the world to see everything I have been working on. I hope to accomplish a great deal with this website and therefore, have been obsessing over every single detail as my goal is to present a well-thought out website and collection that is reflective of the Fabulous People brand and lifestyle.

For my first collection I wanted every piece to serve a purpose and be something I 100% believe in. After reviewing and sampling lots of different options I pulled the trigger and selected 17 different items. I have worked in retail/fashion for 20+ years and feel confident that I have selected the very best style in each body/silhouette I am offering. "Fabliving" has been a catch phrase I have been using and hash-tagging for several years now so when deciding how to best present a cohesive collection it was a no-brainer to add "fabliving" to each item. I bought the fabulouspeople.com domain 13 years ago and always knew it would be a great platform for me to showcase my talents and passions. "Fabliving" is the first collection I am introducing however, the plan is to eventually offer many different collections under the Fabulous People, LLC umbrella. This is only the start as I have tons of ideas. I truly hope the first collection is a success as I am already busy planning the SU15 collection. Back to Saturday's photo shoot... 

After weeks of planning and research it was time to photograph the collection. I hired Michael Robles as my photographer. I had worked with Michael a few months prior on a photo shoot for Paw Clawset (www.pawclawset.com), a lux clothing and accessories brand for medium to large dogs. I have been working as Creative Director/Brand Manager for Paw Clawset for the last six months and had hired Michael to shoot their SP15 Collection a few months prior. I loved what he did with that photo shoot and knew he would be perfect for this project. Michael's work is amazing and he is fast gaining great attention (@arianagrande follows him) and exposure (his work is featured in April's British Vogue). He is one to watch and I am thrilled he was able to shoot Fabulous People's first collection. After securing a photographer, we decided to shoot at Concrete Studios LA (http://www.concretestudiosla.com/). Concrete Studios is located in the arts district in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles). It's a great space with lots of natural lighting and would be the perfect locale for us to photograph the "fabliving" collection. Next we needed models. The collection features 13 Female, 10 Male and 3 Kid looks. There was no doubt in my mind that Alexia, my gorgeous niece and Ryland, my handsome nephew would be my Kid models. For the male model my buddy Kerry (@kerrymmitchell) suggested his friend Caleb and for the female model I decided to use my dear friend Jessica. #fabmodels

Now that a photographer, a studio and models had all been secured the next step was to put together clean looks and a shooting schedule in order to guarantee all necessary shots/looks were successfully captured.  My bestie Rhonda (@rhondaspies),  a well-known celebrity stylist at The Only Agency in LA (http://theonly.agency/portfolio/rhonda-spies) came over and together we selected and finalized each of the looks the models would be photographed in. Every detail had now been planned. I have now directed/assisted several photo shoots and knew I needed a trusted first assistant on set to be a second set of eyes and to help ensure every detail was on point. My buddy Kerry (http://www.kerrym.co/), a stylist, fashionista and clothing designer offered to help. We were now in business.

The day started promptly at 10am. Michael Robles (photographer) was the first to arrive and he was busy setting up his camera and lights when Jessica Stalker (female model) and I walked in. Jessica had met me outside of the studio and helped me unload my car and get all clothing and props onto a rolling rack before we entered the building. As Jess and I organized the rolling rack and discussed her looks for the day, my sister, Mairim (@mairim_g), brother-in-law Andrew, niece Alexia and nephew Ryland walked in. I quickly told everyone the game plan and we were soon taking fab photos of the entire collection. An hour later Kerry arrived to help assist in any way he could and by noon Caleb (male model) was also on set. Everyone killed it and all necessary shots were captured. Amazing work by everyone. Solid team and solid results.

What a day!!!! Exhausting, but also very satisfying. Tomorrow I will approve all of the needed images for the website. Michael will then begin cleaning the selected images and making them website ready. This upcoming week will be crazy as we push for a May 2nd launch. Can't wait to hear what you all think. Countdown...