Fabliving Collection Friday, April 03, 2015

Fabliving product is here. Today I picked up most of my fabliving inventory and things are starting to feel real. It's insane how long this process has taken, however I could not be more excited and proud of how everything is coming together. For my first collection I really wanted the assortment to be tight (not literally) and right. My buddy Chuy (@extrachuy) often tells me that I'm doing the most. I've worn many hats throughout this process of getting Fabulous People off the ground, however through it all I've been very careful to make sure everything is well thought out and perfectly executed. Seeing my collection today I feel confident that I've done just that. I wanted to make sure that every piece served a purpose and that the collection as a whole was perfectly curated and felt cohesive. I'm thrilled for my family, friends and supporters to see the final collection and better yet for them to wear all of the pieces I've included. The collection consists of 17 total pieces. Each item has been selected because it is the very best blank in that particular body/silhouette. To launch I'm offering 10 Adult styles (1 Men's, 4 Women's and 5 Unisexy), 3 Kids (Onesie, Sweat Pant and Zip Hoodie) and 4 Bags (1 Tote and 3 Duffels). I can not wait to see which styles and categories perform best. I already have several great ideas for Summer and Fall and really hope Spring performs well so I am able to continue growing my assortment. Truly exciting stuff. This project has been a ton of work, however has also been incredibly fun and rewarding. I hope you all love it as much as I do. Feedback is always welcomed so please keep it coming. Excited to hear what you all think.

What's everyone's favorite piece? Comment below or send me an email. Looking forward to reading your responses. Many Thanks to my amazing family, friends and supporters who have made this dream possible. I honestly could not have done it without all of the Fabulous People in my life. #fabliving