Magical Tulum Sunday, March 01, 2015

On Thursday, February 26th, 2015, I left Los Angeles with seven of my very best friends (@rhondaspies, @leanna_azzolini, @wendiferreira, @ndf1227, @dana.dragna, @amandavanhook and @ajrboots) en route to magical Tulum, Mexico. Fabfriend Rhonda wanted to celebrate her birthday somewhere amazing and Tulum had been on our list for several years now and seemed like a perfect destination for all of our #fabfriends. Wendi had visited Tulum before and helped Rhonda plan a truly fabulous vacation for all of us.

Most of us met at LAX on the morning of the 26th and of course had a few Bloody Mary's before our flight left. As we get older it's hard to get the crew together, however Rhonda is one of nearest and dearest friends, so of course everyone rallied as no one wanted to miss being a part of this amazing trip and celebration.

We soon boarded our flight and a few hours later we arrived in Cancun. Our fab friend Amanda had arrived an hour before us from Portland and was already having a margarita when we made our way through customs. We quickly each had a cocktail at the airport before finding driver who was taking us to Papaya Playa Project, our new home for the next few days. 

From the moment we checked in it was obvious that Tulum was incredibly charming. Magical is probably the best word to describe this amazing little city in Mexico. The people were beyond nice and our hotel was what I call "Rustic Chic". We checked into our rooms and decided to meet at their restaurant for some food and drinks. The Papaya Playa Project is situated right on the water and before the restaurant closed we ordered a bucket of Tecate's and walked down to the beach as we all caught up with each other and obsessed over this amazing trip we were all fortunate to be on together.

The next few days did not disappoint, as we rented bikes and explored Tulum. We spent an afternoon at one of the famous cenotes and had lunch and drinks at some of the most picturesque places any of us had ever seen. Travel is one of my most favorite things to do, and to be able to do it with your very best friends is truly amazing. Every night we had excellent meals and drank amazing wines and cocktails. Our last night was a definite highlight as we dined at Pasada Margherita, an Italian restaurant owned by a lovely couple from Laguna Beach, California. The owner just so happened to be in town and came over before we ordered to tell us about every delicious item on their beautiful wooden menu. We obviously ordered it up and could not have more impressed with every dish that arrived at our table. Pasada Margherita did not disappoint and I can confidently say it was one of the top 10 meals I've had in my life. Truly excellent. After dinner we headed back to our hotel, where on Saturday nights they throw a Full Moon Party. We had heard about this party prior to us landing in Tulum and were told it was the place to be on Saturday nights in Tulum. As we arrived we could hear the music blasting and could see a fun crowd who seemed to be having a great time. Drinks were soon ordered and dancing quickly began. Being outdoors, on a gorgeous beach, having delicious cocktails, dancing to some of the best EDM ever, with all of your best friends is truly what #fabliving is all about. What a fun night.

Tulum was truly a special place. What a blessing to get to enjoy this fab location with some of my most favorite people. Fab Trip, Fab Memories and more importantly Fab Life. We only have one, why not make it fabulous. Looking forward to the next trip with this crew. Happy Birthday once again Rhonda. Can't wait for our next fab vacation.