Obsessed With Music Friday, March 13, 2015

I am obsessed with music. Finding new artists and songs has long been one of my most favorite hobbies and past times. Gone are the days when one would buy an album and listen to every song, while simultaneously reading the album's CD booklet. I remember always being extra excited when the CD booklet included song lyrics as I've always enjoyed singing along while listening to an entire album. Current technology allows us to sample and download songs in seconds, which is amazing, but I can't help but think that we sometimes miss out on discovering a phenomenal album versus just a few songs from each album. It is true, I rarely love an entire album, however when I do, I really do. It always begins with a song that I can't get out of my head. Then just like a drug I want more so I start sampling more songs from the same artist/album until before I know it, I've bought the entire album and find myself listening to it nonstop. Typically on repeat. Turns out sometimes I'm obsessive. Below I will tell you about my most favorite albums from the past 7 years;


2009- The xx was my favorite band this year and their freshman album xx was beyond good. Every song on this album is incredible. I've heard it a million times and I still get excited when it plays on my ipod. Truly ahead of their time. This album is super sexy. VCR is my favorite, but quite honestly every song off the album is equally strong.


2010- Ke$ha and the Animal album was my obsession in 2010. Every song is catchy and immediately makes you want to dance, have a drink and be festive. I drive a convertible and there is literally nothing better than driving with the top down and listening to Animal. Additionally, the Cannibal album which came out months later is also really good, with Blow and We R Who We R being my two favorites. This started my love of Ke$ha. Still a big fan.


2011- Adele reigned supreme this year as hit after hit came out of the 21 album. My personal favorite was One and Only. I'm not even sure if this song was officially released, however it is so good. This song will most definitely be played at my wedding. I want my cousin Fernando's girlfriend, Emily (who is fabulous and has an amazing voice) to sing it Live. I had liked Adele after her first album, 19 came out, however this album really took my love and appreciation of her talent to the next level.

2012- Ellie Goulding and her album Halcyon became my obsession this year. Her first album, Lights had already made me a fan, however this album felt even more polished and sophisticated. My favorite is Anything Could Happen, which coincidently was the first release off this album, however every single song is amazing. She's really good.


2013- Obsessed with Birdy and Fire Within which is her first album of original material. This girl can sing and Wings is probably one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard. Not really sure why she didn't blow up after this album was released. Birdy is the real deal and she will no doubt be a big name in the music world. She is beyond talented. Her early recording are all covers, however her voice and style makes every song she sings sound completely original. Her version of Ed Sheeran's The A Team and The National's Terrible Love are flawless and perfect. Not to mention incredibly powerful. If you don't know this girl check her out. You will thank me for the introduction. I promise.

2014- Sam Smith and his album In The Lonely Hour was hands down my most favorite album of last year. Stay With Me is beyond powerful, however every single song off this album is amazing. My personal favorite is I've Told You Now which was also the most played song in my car last year. Sam Smith is clearly going to be huge. I have since downloaded every bit of music he has ever recorded including his first EP, Nirvana and the single Latch which was recorded with Disclosure. I'm hooked and am definitely looking forward to future music from him.


2015- We are only two months into this new year, so I might still change my mind, however as of right now, Ella Henderson and her album Chapter One is my pick for album of the year. Every single song from the album is amazing, however Glow is my current personal favorite. Another amazing voice and talent from the UK. She has the kind of voice and talent that leaves you wanting more. I now listen to her album from beginning to end and my other two favorites are  Hard Work and Yours. Check it out as I'm sure you too will be obsessed.
Clearly I love music. This was a really fun entry to write as music is one of my passions. Feel free to send me any of your recommendations as I'm always looking for new material for the soundtrack of my life. More to come my Fab Friends...