#RylandAndrew Monday, February 16, 2015

I always knew I was going to love being an uncle, however I could never have predicted how it was going to change my life. My niece, #AlexiaIreland was born almost two years ago and it truly has been a life changing experience. I love my family and sister very much, however the love I have for my niece, Alexia is a kind of love I have never experienced before. I truly love her like she were my own offspring. There is literally nothing I wouldn't do for her. I've always been ambitious and career driven, often contemplating relocating should the right opportunity present itself. After meeting and knowing Alexia I now know that relocation is not an option as I never want to be too far away from this amazing little girl. She has stolen my heart and makes me laugh and smile like no one else. I still want to have my own children some day, however can't imagine loving them any more than I love Alexia. I will always love her like my own and am so thankful to my sister and brother-in-law for bringing her into this world and allowing me to be such a big part of her life.
Today is an extra special day as it marks the arrival of my nephew, Ryland Andrew. I am over-joyed that my sister's delivery went smoothly and both she and the baby are doing great. Ryland is beyond gorgeous and I am so excited he and Alexia now have each other. Their age difference is similar to my sister and mine's and I am confident that they will be best friends just like us. I adore him already. Welcome to the world Ryland Andrew.