Fab Friend Michaela Monday, January 26, 2015

Today is my Fab Friend, Michaela McCloskey's birthday. I met Michaela (@missmichaelaxoxo) in 1998, after returning from a semester abroad in Paris. Prior to leaving for Paris I was working as a Sales Associate for BCBG MaxAzria at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. During my time away I kept in contact with the girls from work and they had told me about a new hire, Michaela. 

The girls from work reported that she was hysterical and everyone said I was going to love meeting her. Turns out they were right. I came back to work just days after returning from Paris and immediately met Michaela. As my co-workers predicted Michaela and I shared the same sense of humor and it was a great first day back at work. By the end of our shift we both knew we were going to be life friends and she immediately suggested we grab drinks. I love cocktails and good times, so this was a done deal. Michaela and I became fast friends and after work adult beverages soon became the norm. Muldoon's Irish Pub was our favorite spot and by the end of most nights, we had the largest group in the place with our BCBG co-workers and other mall friends joining our party. We have now been friends for almost two full decades and have been through a great deal together (friends, significant others, roommates, apartments, jobs, trips, pets, etcetera). I am fortunate to call her my friend, as she is one of the most loyal and loving people I know.

Today we celebrate her birthday at a fab dinner at Babettes's (http://babettesoc.com) in Newport Coast. It is sure to be a fab celebration with a small group of friends. Happy Birthday Michaela!!! Loving you is easy.